Today is eight days after my total thyroidectomy.  Feeling okay, except frustrated that my voice still isn’t working as it did.  My low tones are fair, but after talking a bit I get more hoarse, and when I try to make a higher sound with my voice, it sounds like a kazoo.  A KAZOO.  The kind where you take wax paper and wrap it around a comb.  All flappy and stuff.  My speech pathologist friend told me to whisper and not use my voice–this will help it heal.  I sure hope so.

Saw my gynecologist today, an appointment scheduled yesterday in a Synthroid-deprived panic upon realizing I don’t want the coming radioactive iodine to ruin my eggs.  Another friend had suggested harvesting and freezing them, and when my alarm clock went off and my eyes flew open yesterday morning, egg harvesting was the mission of the day.

Turns out, there’s no need for egg harvesting.  The eggs only absorb the radiation when they’ve been fertilized and are growing, which is why they do that pregnancy test before they’ll give you the radiation.  And why, while the radiation is still in your body for about 6 months, you ought not get pregnant.  Felt SO much better after this news.

That is all for now.